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Corten Steel



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Melbourne's Corten Steel Experts

CORTEN pronounced Cor-ten, is also known as weathering steel, is premium steel due to its high level of corrosion resistance and density, due to the fact it has formed a protective oxide layer when exposed to the weather.
The way this quality is achieved is by allowing corten to rust which causes it to protect itself.
Corten steel is a group of steel alloys which were developed to eliminate the need for painting and form a stable rust-like looks after several years exposure to weather.
The corrosion blocking effect of the protective layer is caused by the particular distribution and concentration of alloying elements in it. The layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously when subjected to the influence of the weather.
Corten is your perfect outdoor steel for the garden, it protects itself, the protective layer (Patina) develops in approximately 18 months, at first, the protective layer is reddish-brown but gains a darker hue with time.

Corten steel is fabricated into many different styles and used for many different applications. Some uses of corten include:

corten steel panels

corten steel retaining wall

corten steel screens

corten steel garden beds

corten edging

corten planters

corten letterboxes

corten screens

corten cladding

corten steel cladding

corten steel sheets

corten bollards

corten door

corten pipe

corten siding

corten steel water fountains

corten tiles

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Corten Garden Applications

It should now be clear that corten steel has many many applications, due to it's quality as an outdoor lasting steel type.
Corten has emerged as a popular garden product, with many people turning to this reliable material for garden planters and garden edging, as well as being used in signage for schools and local councils.

Metfab are experts in corten, fabricating all corten under the brand Rustfab- Metfabs own corten range.

COR-TEN (or simply Corten) is the trademark name for the steel type also referred to as Weathering Steel. The COR relates to corrosive resistance while the TEN relates to it having high tensile strength.
Weathering Steel was originally designed for for rail cars in the 1930’s but soon became popular for bridges and other large outside structures for the look and to eliminate the need for painting; instead they had a stable rust layer on the surface, brought on by time in the weather.
There is a difference between simply just letting steel rust in your backyard and real corten steel. Steel garden ornaments are often made with a thin gauge mild steel because it’s easy to cut and can therefore have more fine detailing. Simply put, that steel isn’t designed for lasting outside in the elements and as it begins to rust, it can rust away quite quickly. The question you can ask when buying such ornaments is whether it’s made of weathering steel and if it’s not, then look at the thickness of the actual steel used. 3-5mm mild steel will also last a fairly long time in any garden, irrespective of the conditions.

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What is Corten?