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Stainless Steel Balustrade Melbourne



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Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade

Do you have a lot of estimated foot traffic to arrive during Christmas and New Year holidays and you want your customers to be aligned so that you deal every customer with ease? Do your mall or community parks and gardens have poor handrail installations that are wearing off, and is turning down the vibe from exciting to boring? You need to take some measures before the holiday season arrives so that there is no inconvenience, either to you or your customers. Metfab brings its customers and industrial clients stainless steel handrails that will appear shiny and beautiful, and provide the strength that the place needs to handle the kind of foot traffic you are expecting in holidays.

Stainless Steel Balustrade Installers

Stainless steel handrails and balustrades in Melbourne are hard to find from a trusted and reliable supplier and fabricator because there are many, offering a variety of products. Metfab has the expertise and equipment needed to cut, shape, polish and deliver fabricated stainless steel solutions that will leave you mesmerized in their presence. With the properties of stainless steel being strong, corrosion resistant, impact resistant and weather proof, it is suitable to install it in public and residential places in the form of handrails, balustrades, door knobs, chairs, tables, posts etc.

Stainless Steel Handrail Melbourne

Although we stock a variety of grades in stainless steel, the most widely used in interior decorations or kitchen and furniture works include stainless steel grade 304 and 316. Our offerings for railings come in varying thickness. We also have only premium quality stainless steel balustrade fittings.

With modern tastes, hand rails are not just installed in round shapes but as square bars aligned with the stairs as well. With artistic structures built across the globe,stainless steel handrails play an integral part in the interior décor of offices, homes and business parks. We also supply separate railing components which are easy to assemble and include:

Baluster Brackets, Posts and Base Plates
Tubes, Bends and Fittings
Handrail Supports and Brackets
All of our stainless steel handrails are maintenance free. We are here to help and guide you regarding our products so they are a feature of your project or building.

Metfab also brings its customers stainless steel balustrades in Melbourne and not just in steel. The variety includes:

Aluminium Balustrades
Stainless Steel Balustrades
Powder coated Handrails
Galvanised Handrails
With our balustrade offerings, we also provide our customers with a variety of options like, frameless stainless steel and aluminium balustrades, semi-framed steel-glass balustrades, edging options, steel pool fencing and more

At Metfab, we provide metal solutions that upgrade your living environments.


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About Wire Balustrade

How Far Can Balustrade Wire Span?

The following simple rules apply for horizontal wire balustrading: Maximum height of any wire balustrade is 4 mtr. (deck to ground level) Maximum spacing for wires is 100mm, but to be safe we prefer 80mm as it allows posts further apart with less tension. When pulled apart, the maximum gap cannot be more than 125mm.

Are Wire Balustrades Safe?

Both glass and wire balustrades offer safety. While glass panels completely cover an opening, wire balustrade can still allow objects to pass through. This does not make wire balustrade unsafe, wire balustrades are designed to not let a human fall through the opening.

Wire Balustrade Specifications

View these Balustrade guidelines courtesy of


Balustrades must be at least one metre high, measured from the adjacent finished floor surface. Check the height of your balustrade, particularly if tiles or some other paving may have been applied after the balustrade was installed.

Tensioned wire

For balustrades using tensioned wire, it’s essential the size and tension of the cable meet the building code. Steel or wood should be solid to properly support tensioning.

Check to see if the wire seems loose.
Also check the distance between cables and any other supports that form the balustrade.


Make sure that fixings, such as metal stirrups to floors, bolts and screws are tight. Loose fixings on balustrades or handrails are unsafe and can result in injury.


Check that there are no openings in the barriers that can permit a 125 mm sphere to pass through the barrier.


Balustrades or handrails using steel rails or posts can be susceptible to rust or corrosion. By painting steel with an anti-rust coating and inspecting them regularly you may avoid unsafe rust occurring.
Timber balustrades are more susceptible to the elements than other materials. This is particularly the case in coastal areas where the combination of salt and rain can be damaging. Make sure you use an appropriate weather-proof stain or paint.