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Metfab Metal Fabricators in Melbourne

Metal Fabrication Melbourne
Are you a contractor that needs quality fabricated metal products that will increase the quality of jobs you perform?
Metfab specialises in designing and producing custom steel and aluminium components. We offer complete Sheet Metal Fabrication solutions in Melbourne. If you are looking for sheet metal fabrication solutions in Melbourne, industrial steel engineering, aluminium works, steel machining, mechanical steel works or steel project assembly then Metfab are the suppliers you would want. We work to your plans and specifications and should you need advice we can help with that also. To produce the highest quality sheet metal, we utilise the best materials and modern top of the range equipment. We specialise in structural steel fabricaton, stainless steel fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, corten steel, regular steel fabrication and assisting the handyman with their smaller jobs. So, give us a call and talk to us about your project.

Melbourne's Number 1 Sheet Metal Fabricators

Many customers aren’t aware of what metal fabrication actually is? It is the formation of metal structures by several processes that include:

In these processes, both manpower and machinery is used. Our employees have years of experience with handling of raw materials and machine operation to give you customised results. Our products for metal fabrication in Melbourne include:
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Structural Steel
Galvanized Steel
Corrugated Sheet

When someone searches metal fabrication Melbourne, we hope they choose Metfab, we truly do try our best to provide our customers with a friendly, speedy and top quality engineering project. So for metal fabrication Melbourne, make it Metfab.

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process of creating structures, building machines, buildings and tools from raw materials and specifically metals. Metal fabrication involves cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, rolling, pressing, punching, stamping, riveting and assembly to complete a project or produce a product. Metal fabrication is an essential part of the construction industry, with metal works being used in houses, buildings, structures, machines and a range of custom made tools and useful construction hands such as steel trolleys. Modern-day metal work employs the use of commonly used metals and their alloys.

"We provide the public with trade prices"

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications

Many people do not know the difference between mild steel and stainless steel. Although both are widely used in construction, mild steel is a steel alloy containing high carbon content and is packed with strength but contains low levels of chromium. In contrast, stainless steel contains larger amounts of chromium; hence it possesses the properties of stainlessness and high strength. Mild steel’s properties vary through gradation as the composition changes and differences can be found in terms of:
Temperature Resistance
Mild steel is widely used in construction because it is not as brittle as high-grade steel hence, serves its purpose effectively.

Quality Metal Works

Metfab have strict processes and procedures around how we operate. This is to keep the quality of our works to "Metfab standard".
It's simple, we follow our set processes around all of our metalworks. Quality control is audited on all of our projects. Our quality checks are performed at all major stages of construction.


We have always prided our business on quality metal work and quality customer service. Therefore, we make it our job to keep the customer informed as your steel project progresses, if you read our reviews, you will find evidence of this. We keep the timeline we set.


Yes, we deliver all over Melbourne, and we have experience doing it. So if you want your steel to arrive safely, let us handle it.

Sheet Metal Suppliers Melbourne

People are now opting for sheet metal fabrications in Melbourne in construction as well as art detailed products like souvenirs, stainless tables, bench tops, car bodies, verandas, carports, kitchens, screens and so much more.
Our custom sheet metal fabrication in Melbourne can be used for electrical enclosures and ducts, shopfitting and interiors, architectural and street furniture, transport, machine guards, and many other steel construction based applications.

Metfab are the metal fabricators in Melbourne that cater to the changing needs of clients for long-lasting solutions.

"Melbourne steel direct to the public"

Custom Metal Fabrication

Metfabs expert welders and fabricators can help your idea turn into a physical fabrication or steel project ideas. Metal fabrication Melbourne, Vic.

Metfab work with the builder and customer to get the best results, work through plans, design and build.

With an ever growing list of happy customers, and a reputation as one of Melbournes elite metal fabrication companies, we can work to meet any budget.

"More than just steel"



Not anyone can weld, that's where we come in. Welding is a common occurrence in any work shop. Joining metals via tig, mig and stick welding is something we do every day.

Any type of welding comes with it's own hazards and safety concerns. At Metfab we have a perfect safety record for on-site welding and in-house welding.

Metfab have become Melbourne's favorite metal fabrication business for a lot of people in Melbourne.

Welding stainless steel, pipe welding, aluminium welding and structural welding for bridges, structures, construction projects, art, sculptures and DIY home welding projects are just some of the metalworks Metfab produce.

Metal Folding

Metfab have all the equipment to bend and fold steel of varying thickness. Using our machinery such as our large press brake Metfab delivers every time. With a trained team of metal fabrication experts, Metfab delivers quality sheet metal folding fabrications with ease.

Metal folding will to add some flavour to your design, also gives a metal project a modern look, or do you just need your bends and curves to make your project work? Our machines, in tandem with our expert metalwork team can produce roll-formed or folded metal works which are top-notch, just look at our reviews.

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Drilling and Punching

Many different applications, usually involving either mounting parts or routing wiring and other materials, require holes to be drilled or punched into sheet metal.

Let Metfab scribe and drill the metal on your project to precision, we are the experts.

Our workshop is extensive with capabilities for Cold Saw Drop Down, Bandsaw, Welding, General Fabrication, Commercial, Domestic, Waterjet Cutting, Drilling, Punching and Site Installs.


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