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Steel Mezzanine Floor Construction



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Mezzanine Floor Construction Melbourne

At Metfab, we arent just sheet metal contractors or stainless steel fabricators. We are much more than that.

Do you want to be able to extend your office space or workshop, but don’t have the room for an extension? Do you like your existing workspace but the roofs feel too high and you are thinking of utilizing the space more efficiently? Is your stock already covering up the maximum floor space but you feel you can do more with the overhead space and are considering filling the warehouse to its full capacity to save on expansion costs? Then look no further because Metfab brings you mezzanine floor construction service in Melbourne, Australia to help you save on the expense of moving and extending.

Mezzanine floors are the most cost effective way of providing extra space for your workshop, showroom, storage room, factories etc. We have been serving Melbournians for years, catering to their every demand, and mezzanine floor construction is one aspect of it.

Most people call or have the mind perception of mezzanine floors being duplicate floors, therefore providing lower stability and strength, eventually questioning durability. But, that is not the case because we build mezzanine floors with mild steel, structural steel or other steel alloys that ensures strength, stability and durability. Mezzanine floors are built to withstand heavy pressures and loading requirements.

Mezzanine Floor Construction Materials

A lot of work goes into mezzanine floor construction and involves the use of:

Main Beams
Deck Beams
BalustradesFire Protection
All these components are manufactured with ultimate precision by Metfab to ensure long-lasting satisfaction. We usually use mild steel or structural steel for the columns, main beams and deck beams whereas stainless steel or aluminium for handrails and balustrades. When making a choice of the structural and/or stainless steel, you will be given several metal grade choices and we will always be there to advise you on what will fit best to your situation. Galvanised steel products are also available.


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