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Sheet Metal Folding Melbourne



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Folding Sheet Metal In Melbourne Everyday

Are you in need of sheet metal bending and folding?

Metfab have all the equipment to bend and fold stell of varying thickness. Using our machinery such as our large press brake Metfab delivers every time. With a trained team of metal fabrication experts, Metfab delivers quality sheet metal folding fabrications with ease.

Metal folding will to add some flavour to your design, also gives a metal project a modern look, or do you just need your bends and curves to make your project work? Our machines, in tandem with our expert metalwork team can produce roll-formed or folded metal works which are top-notch, just look at our reviews.

Aiming to deliver your folded metal project using environmentally sustainable production methods, Metfab are the kings of custom metal farication.

As a 100% Australian owned and operated business, Metfab understand quality and building everything to Australian standards and timing.


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