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Structural Steel Fabricators Melbourne

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Structural Steel Suppliers and Fabricators Melbourne

Are you a contractor that needs structural steel products that provide strength and durability? Do you need a variety of structural steel products and are in search of structural steel fabricators in Melbourne that can provide everything you need? Metfab can help accomplish your goal of a strong and impervious structure. Metfab have all the experience to build, fabricate and erect your steel structure, let Metfab do the heavy lifting. Metfab,
structural steel fabricators and erectors you can rely on.

Structural Steel Fabrication Experts

We have been providing metal products and metal fabrications in Melbourne, Australia for years and have accomplished a name in the market. Through our experience and expertise in job executions as well as the huge variety of products, we are able to satisfy all your commercial, residential and industrial needs.

Structural Steel Fabricators and Erectors

Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and our metal fabrication team have many years experience, through which we provide you with flawless structural steel fabrications. The machinery that we use includes:

CNC Press Brakes
Plate Rollers
Centre Lathe
Tube and RHS Section Rollers
TIG an MIG Welders
Brobo Saw
Plasma Cutting
Access Crane Trucks
Other Heavy-Lifters (Vehicles)
Waterjet Cutter
Structural Steel Fabrication and Fabricators Melbourne
We provide structural steel in Melbourne in the form of channels, beams, angles, lintels & retaining wall steel.

Structural Steel can be:

Structural Angles
Retaining Wall Steel
Metfab brings you structural steel products that will fulfil all your construction needs.


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