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Can Metal Fabrication Support a Greener Future?

Metal fabrication is a tradition-bound and risky industry. The sparks, smoke, fumes, and open flame can be dangerous if you do not know what to expect.
Fret not, welding is no longer just a dirty, dangerous job. With new green technologies and worldwide trends towards sustainable production, welding has become an ecological career path.
As the green movement is sweeping across North America, it is no surprise that metal fabricators are taking notice.
Metal fabrication companies have been adopting more sustainable practices in their trade to save money and reduce environmental damage. It is a huge step for an industry that's been around for centuries.

The Rise of Green-Collar Jobs

There are many different ways to create a green job, whether it is by creating products that have a low environmental impact or finding manufacturing practices with lower effects.
One of the most popular ways to create green jobs is by reducing the amount of pollution produced during manufacturing.
Metal fabricators have been experimenting with both of these options. Both processes can drastically reduce a company’s carbon footprint and allow it to pursue high-value markets for sustainable goods.
In fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the former is referred to as the output approach--which "identifies establishments that produce green goods and services, and counts associated jobs"--and the latter is called process-based.
The process approach is an excellent way to make metal fabrication both profitable and convenient. It allows for companies of any size to enjoy the benefits that this method offers, which includes increased productivity and a reduction in errors due to its accuracy.
A welding business can use the process approach if it incorporates environmentally-friendly welding techniques. It could include vacuum soldering and diffusive welds. These cutting-edge technologies may become more commonplace in years to come as environmental regulations tighten up on other methods of production that generate hazardous waste such as gas metal arc (GMAW), flux core wire, or submerged arc.
Still, as the world moves towards more eco-friendly initiatives, there has been an increase in demand for the metal, and you can find it at one of your favourite local fabrication companies! We will touch on this topic a bit later.
Green initiatives are a quick way for metal fabrication companies to cut down on costs and increase their green credentials by making the switch. Like you, government agencies want more manufacturers to make eco-friendly production changes that will help our planet become less polluted!
For instance, the Green Suppliers Network is a group established by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Commerce with missions to help small-to-medium-sized manufacturers stay competitive while reducing their impact on the environment.
For many companies in today's economy, sustainability has become an essential factor for success. The US EPA & Dept of Commerce have teamed up to establish "The Green Supplier Network", which assists experts who can help you improve your business practices making it more sustainable without sacrificing competitiveness or profitability!
The Department of Energy has a diverse range of energy programs. From the Save Energy Now Program, which is said to lessen industrial energy intensity by 25% over 10 years, to Better Plants Initiative and Superior Performance Certification--the department covers all bases in terms of sustainability innovations for industry.
The greening of the metal fabrication together with the welding industry not only brings about economic growth but can also attract young talent. According to a blog post on Welding School's community site citing U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics data, by 2020, there will be 614 thousand new jobs in this field which is 22% faster than other industries!
Nowadays, it's not easy to find a traditional job. The market is changing and more people are competing for jobs than ever before. But that doesn't mean you can't make money! One of the fastest-growing industries in America right now? Welding metal together!
Welders earn an average salary between $40-$60k per year with potential room for growth each year too--and this is just one occupation available within this booming industry full of opportunity (metals).
But take note, the metal fabrication could be a selling point for millennials and Generation Z, who are more ecologically conscious than previous generations. They would prefer to work in an industry that helps the planet, metal fabrication being one of those industries.

A Move Towards Sustainability

In order to reduce harmful emissions, we have turned towards renewable energy sources. But what about the metal that holds these creations together? The answer: less is more with green inventions like solar and wind turbines!
Welders and metal fabricators have been in demand for a few years now, but clean energy industries have increased their need. A recent article by Welding School predicts that construction will be on the upswing across all sectors due to these new companies entering into more traditional markets like solar panels or pipelines.
Welding school predicts an uptick in welders and metal fabricators because technologies shift quickly towards renewable forms of power. This move requires skilled builders who can use tools like welding machines (which were already required).
Welders need to keep up with the latest innovations and shifts in technology. With more electric cars being produced, it's a good idea to shift your focus towards welding as well.
Fabricating & Metalworking magazine is one of the publications with a green outlook on the fabrication industry, meaning they offer stories about sustainable practices and ecologically friendly equipment. Fabricating & Metalworking also has many case studies to share with you from businesses that found success by implementing greener ventures. There are plenty more magazines doing this now too, so there's no excuse not to get in touch!
This process approach could help the metal fabrication industry become just as profitable and green as possible if they incorporated this sustainable technology. The reason is that using gas emissions in production would undermine a company's sustainability efforts, so implementing an output tone of voice creates better results for companies seeking to keep their environmental footprint low.

Greener Products, Greener Production

Saving the planet, including the marine life, is an important issue for many people, and it's not surprising that metal fabricators have a lot to offer when striving towards sustainability. It seems like there will be plenty of work in this industry, too--sustainable tech needs more metal!
The metal fabrication industry is often left out of conversations about improving the planet’s sustainability practices. However, it can be a valuable resource in helping businesses and governments achieve their goals for cleaner living by conserving resources and limiting waste.
Whether it's integrating new welding methods or setting up manufacturing processes more efficiently, there are many ways that the metal fabrication industry can contribute towards making our environment greener without sacrificing efficiency or profitability.